Booking sessions:

Glenn provides hypnotherapy services in his clinic office at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Glenn also has a worldwide client base and can offer Hypnotherapy and Rapid Change sessions by Phone, Skype/Webcam, or in home.

A 24 hour notice is required for any changes to your scheduled appointment time. Missed appointments without contacting or late cancellations (the day of the appointment) are billed at the full session fee. Please contact Glenn directly to book Hypnotherapy Sessions, Private Parties, and Group Events.

Session fees:

Hypnotherapy clinic or Skype sessions:

$125 per session

New Client Discount Packages: (paid in full the 1st appointment)

3 sessions $350

Private in-home Hypnotherapy fees:

If you require Hypnotherapy Sessions at home due to media confidentiality or privacy concerns for your family, business or entertainment profession, the rates are:

The 1st Session is a minimum of (2) hours at $250
Follow up (1) hour Hypnosis sessions are $200

Includes travel time to the location of up to 60 minutes within the Los Angeles Area. For distances longer than 60 minutes travel time, an additional $50/hour is charged. To book Hypnotherapy Sessions out of state or out of country, please contact Glenn directly for session availability, therapy fees and travel costs.

"I own the Skies" Deluxe flying package:

Package includes your first 3 Hypnotherapy sessions, and a 90 minute private plane flight where you will actually fly the plane right beside me!


Weather conditions and plane maintenance can affect scheduling
(more details on my Hypnotherapy flying page)

Smoking cessation:

Smoking cessation is most effective with a 3 session package, this will also include an MP3 audio recording for reinforcement.

Past life regression:

(2) hour recorded Past Life Regression or Future Life Progression is $200