Glenn Rottmann, C.Ht. is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. His formal training and certifications are from HMI college of Hypnotherapy, graduating with honors from the first nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy in the country.

However, his life training and understanding goes on long before that. Born and raised in New Jersey, Glenn had the opportunity to take the Silva Method in self-hypnosis during High School. This set him on a path where becoming a certified Hypnotherapist was a very natural transition.

Being a successful Sales Manager in construction sales was key to understanding motivation, business relationships, presentations, and how to survive in the business world. Glenn has also created and performed music his entire life. This has given him a complete understanding of the creative mind with its goals and challenges.

One of the greatest gifts Glenn passes along to his clients is the example of how it’s never too late to create the life you want.

It never too late to follow your dreams, create a career your passionate about, learn that new hobby or skill. Finally get to your goal weight and keep it off! Attract the right relationship for you, re-create the one you have, or in some cases leave with love and dignity. Relationship challenges and understanding them is one of most important aspects of a happy life.

Family has taken on a new role in our society. While we still have strong traditional families, we also have many blended families. Understanding that just because the way you thought life was “supposed to go” does not mean it has to be any less fulfilling. Having a close and loving relationship with his two daughters, gives him this life experience.

You may also find Glenn, doing “impromptu” hypnosis both on the street and on the stage. The way he sees it is there are two sides to hypnosis. We have the fun creative side that entertains and leaves wonder and excitement, and the life changing effects of hypnotherapy in a private setting. By combining rapid "on the spot" hypnosis methods, with traditional hypnotherapy is why Glenn is so effective with his clients. Watch some of his videos and enjoy…

If you are reading this because you are ready for a change, then you have already taken the first step!

Your first phone consultation is always free, and an important part of the process. "I have to know if I feel my skills and expertise are right for you, as well as knowing that you are really ready to allow the changes to happen."